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Quest for the Lord – Lucas



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Whomever may be reading this:

I am new to making games and I need much help with what exactly to do. The game is called "Quest for the Lord" It is about a young man who is called to give the world God's love. In the journey he finds friends who have had the same vision, this game is multiplayer or single. I have been working on the mechanics of the game, sketches of different places, script, the past, and something similar to AI. Also a friend of mine is working on the website which will explain more. I am also looking for people who can help make the game, I do not know what kinds of people I need and anyone is welcome to help me make our game. Before you decide to help me though I must tell you that you probably won't get paid for a while, and before you join me please pray about it. Please reply.

In Christ,