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Do you use pirated software to create games? – Revelator



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He He He!

Since we have no more to say about violence in games, I thought I would through this curly one at you all.

I don't use pirated software, but if someone can find a good excuse for me, I might change my mind





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Not that I haven't in the past (yeah I had the Commodore-64 cracked games as a kid), but now I make it a rule not to use anything that I don't own. I've worked with software for a long time and I totally understand the amount of effort required to release a decent product. Plus the cost to develop good stuff is really high. The return usually is too, but getting that upfront $ and sweating the blood and tears required to complete stuff adds significantly to that least in my opinion

I just wish that the actual developers didn't end up getting shafted by the big companies (doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen a lot).





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I used to do similar activities (go over 30-day limit using clock tricks, use copied software), but I've worked hard to reverse that trend. Most of the stuff on my computer is now GPL (most [not all] GPL software is also free of charge).

With the recent boom in Linux and open source software, you'll find a lot more free software that will do what you want than ever before.

Phillip Martin

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I had a epiphany about this particular subject about four weeks ago. It made for a fun sunday afternoon for my wife and I scratching all my pirated cd's and throwing them out It wasn't easy though.

I just don't know why it took me so long to realise.

So my computers are now running until they die, since there are no cds to replace the software that is running on them, until about 2 weeks from now when I order all my replacement software (lots of money). I can't wait to reformat the machine, install everything from the boxed copy (Wow is THAT what the box looks like for this app, how about that ). It will be really really nice.

I was kidding myself for ages that it was ok to steal software. It, well, isn't

Just thought I'd share my little story



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I'm tempted but I won't comment.


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Well heres my take on it.

1. Stealing is wrong

2. Some software is old, so i don't see a problem using that... (Emulation of the super nintendo, and older systems)

3. If you gain money, or find enjoyment from some software, support the company who made it. I fell it's ok to get a pirate copy if your just trying it out to see if you like it, and delete it within 24 hours, like the law says (in the USA)

thats my take on it. You belive what you will, but if you can't afford the software... Do you need to sin to get it?




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As a student I have yet to make a single penny from programming. The way I see it, experience with Visual C++ (there is no way I could afford to buy it) is something that will help me get a decent job one day, and as soon as I do I WILL start paying for the software. It's all very well saying there is plenty of freeware software out there, but employers are generally only interested in one's experience with mainstream packages.

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we recently got a new usb modem, which claimed would work on 95/NT4 ("9x/NT"), for which we had licences. it didn't. it came with drivers for 98, and just didn't work on 95. We had just had a yukko winmodem which crashed all the time (urgh!) and couldn't afford to buy *another* modem... or buy licences of win98. So we "borrowed" the office CD, and installed off that. Now the modem works, most of the time, but the whole system is a LOT less stable, and doesn't play a lot of the games that we had which worked on 95. I would happily work completely on linux, but sadly the modem doesn't work on linux, either (yet!) <sigh>. Until that day, I'll be using a "pirate" version ... this is one of the things i really like about linux. everything is made up of small bits that work together. if windows was like this, we'd have bought the "USB-Modem-Patch" and would still be legal.

For smaller software like jammer, or shareware, we pay for it. Just for big things not so much. I'm not all that happy about using pirate software, its not like i'm using w4r3z or anything, so if anyone has a few spare win98 licences about to be thrown away, throw them this direction!

I'm going to try and get this modem working tonight (in linux), sadly there are no friendly uber-geeks or similar around here who could come and help me!




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he he he

Yeah I went throught the "getting rid of pirated software" a few years ago. Now I just wait for the software I want to come out on Computer Magazines. That's how I got TrueSpace 3, Brice 3D, Fireworks 1, Poser 3 and lots more. (I am not game enough to use linux yet - so I plod along supporting Bill Gates)

I was just curious to see how computer programmers react to this question. I'm glad you see it the same way.