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Hi Everyone

So last night the power went out and after it came back on my computer won't boot up. It's got power (fans go on and such) but thats it. Also I'm flying back home to Guatemala on Saturday. I take my computer in its original box, but because they lowered the weight limit (from 70 to 50 lib)the computer is over weight. So I took out the hard drives, optical drive, graphics card, all the cables and the keybard. The computer is still one lib over the max. On top of that my suit case is already at the max and my carry on is verry close. I might have a few more things I need to pack as well.

So if you all would be praying that I can get my stuff in the weight and space limitations, that the airlines won't complain about the slightly over weight computer box. That I can get the computer working once I get home. And for travel mercys I would realy apritiate it.

I know God's hand is in all of this so I have faith that it will all work out to the best, whatever he has chosen that to be. Thanks for the prayer and have a great friday/weekend. Jeff