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Prayer is a HUGE part of living in the christian faith; it's how we talk to God. However, as important as it is, i'm surprised at how many people rarely pray or just don't know HOW to pray. Therefore, i thought i'd start a thread about prayer . What sorts of things does everyone pray for, and how do you go about it?

With me, I'm in constant prayer during my day. I pray when i'm upset at a problem, i pray when something good happens and thank God, I pray for my safety when i'm on the road. I have such a bad short term memory that this just works for me. This way i don't have to sit and try to remember everything in my day at night. I can just pray about it when it comes along .



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Well I have short term memory too, jester. Which is why I am always getting in trouble. Typical conversation:

Dad > "Why didn't you mow the lawn?"
Laz > "... I forgot *sheepishly*"
Mom > "Why didn't you take out the trash?"
Laz > "... Oh yeah! Sorry Mom."
Sister > "Why are all your blankets on the floor?"
Laz > "Oh! I forgot to make my bed..."
Brother > "Nice fruit of the looms, dude."
Laz > "*Completely embarrassed and red-faced* Ahhhh! I forgot to get dressed!"

Well, maybe not that bad but I am kinda forgetful. What were we talking about again?

Prayer. I do pray, not enough though. You can never pray enough.

What do I pray for? If I lose something - if we are on a long trip - if I have a problem(schoolwork related usually) - which reminds me, we were at a book giveaway today and I found this children's book about how to pray.
"Aunt Marta carried the dishes to the kitchen sink. "What do you think prayer is, Ryan?"
"Asking God for things."
"That's what many people believe," Aunt Marta said. "But it's more than that. Asking for something is only one part of prayer."
"Uncle Grady added, "I think of prayer as simply talking to God--about anything, anytime, anywhere."




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I'm a random thinker, my mind bounces a hundred different directions and so do my prayers. I sure am glad that God can figure me out sometimes!
Since I am married, I have noticed a difference between my private prayers with God and the times I pray with my wife. She had brought a lot of structure into my life, and I've helped her loosen up a bit
She told me once about this cute thing she learned about how to remember everybody you want to pray for. You see I have this problem that whenever I want to intercede for people in prayer I can never remember them. Sometimes they pop into my mind and I will say a quick prayer then, but anyways, her cute technique is called "praying hands"
As you fold your hands in prayer think of your fingers.
First the thumbs are closest to you. Pray for those closest to you.
2nd, the pointer fingers give directions. Pray for the teachers/mentors in your life.
3rd, the middle finger stands the tallest. Pray for the leaders in your life.
4th, the ring finger stands for material things. Thank God for the material blessings in your life, and also make your requests in these areas.
5th, the little finger stands for those less fortunate than yourself. Ask God for grace and provision in their lives.

Cute, huh? Maybe if you have kids, you can teach them to pray this way.

The other thing I have to say about prayer is LISTEN! I constantly have to remind myself, that prayer is a dialog. Often, God has a lot more to say to you and me if we would only listen to His still, small voice.

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Prayer takes many forms, but my ways are: reading the Bible, Bible studies with my girl, talking about God and church, creating art, simply thinking about God, formal prayer ("Dear Father...") and attending church. Most of the time, though, I just chat with God. Awesome


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I try to remember to pray lot and thank God during the day about everything so that I wouldn't forget Him and that every decision I make happens according to His will but it's what you really feel in your heart that matters not how/much you pray. Sometimes I try to pray intensively but God already knows what you need and I often pray as I walk yet trying to be respectful, you know.

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Im not to good at having solid prayer times. but I do pray through out the day
When I pray I remember a sermon about "praying beyond yourself"
Basicly just told us that even though we need to pray for friends and family. to always do some good quality prayer over gods kingdom, things that dont necisarily effect us or come in contact with us. like praying for a family you saw on the news. or praying for the war or the president to make wise descisions. for people you heard at church are going through a hard time but dont realy know who they are.and stuff
A very good sermon, have to be there to realy enjoy it but I think of that sermon alot when I pray.

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