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I am the kinda guy who has been a loner for 16 years. I weigh 225 and I'm 6ft tall and 16 years old. I asked this girl out to prom and she "didn't know" (no)... She is very shy and new in my region. So, I still have kinda a hope... I dunno. I'm going either way to prom. I dunno. I am pretty depressed. I didn't even feel like programming today.

I was think of asking my cousin to go.. Ya know, just as friends, but what happens if Girl1 says yes? Pray for me and give me some options...

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When is prom for you? Are you, yourself shy?

EDIT: This might seem like awkward questions, but it will help me think of options for you.


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Just go to it, don't ask anyone in particular if you want to keep your options open with girl1. if she shows up, hang out with her. If she doesn't don't let it get you down.

(All in theory)

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I hated school and totally ditched most of my prom and the girl that wanted to take me to her place afterwards for an after prom party. Mostly because I hated the entire social thing and I was dating my wife at the time (long distance).

You know, you sound alot like I was back then except I was alot heavier (I was 330 at the time). Don't let your whole 'everything' depend on this prom and this girl, later you'll realize that it doesn't matter in the big picture. Just have fun and stay frosty.



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i agree with mack, right now it may seem like it's the most important thing in life, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, sometimes the girl you like at the time saying "no" is the best thing that could ever happen to you. if i had ended up with one of my first loves i wouldn't have ended up with the woman i call my wife, God knows what He's doing. anywho, hope this helps.

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I'd suggest your cousin... female friends are great! I have 3 and my best female friend plays lots of FPS games and has this very geeky personality. I'd take her over a GF any day.

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