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Maybe we can place international things in this topic. So we can remind eachother on important things around the world.

- For the wealthy people, pray for the poor is good, but I and maybe more still have as a "pretty" rich got lot of seductions (don't know the right word, I searched on :P ). If you have a bankaccount (atleast a 100 dollar ) and a purse (for some other money) you already belong to the most rich people on the world. Remember that Jesus says it is really hard for a rich man to come in his Kingdom.
- For preachers in small towns, those who haven't got plenty of christians around them. (Missionary Area's)
- That Jesus will bring peace in our hearts. That we won't be obsessed by for example computer games, watching movies or television, reading books, traditions (in churches). Ask him that he may come back as soon as he maked our places in heaven!

There is much more to pray for, but I will discribe more later.

Be blessed and be a blessing!