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How can I be of aid to an aquaintance in the hospital – wlfmachine


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Someone I work with took sick last week and got worse and worse till now he is in the hospital and not doing very well. I would love it if some of you would pray for him. Its exciting to know that God listens and answers and we have a direct portal to the almighty power in the universe. Praise the Lord.

I also was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how I could help easing his sufferings. I have become very convicted of late that just comforting someone isnt always enough. Its important to look for ways to actually make their life a little bit easier.

I was talking to my friend today and he said he would enjoy listening to books on tape. He is a big science fiction fan so I ordered "out of the silent planet" and "peralandra" by CS Lewis for him on tape. Any other suggests for good science fiction, or other ways I could help him out?

This is my first post as a Christain Coder so I am excited to hear back from everyone out there.

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i wish i could help, but i don't read anything other than the bible(duh...and not enough), and technical books. i'm sure you'll get more replies soon, there's a lot of people into sci-fi books here...oh, welcome to the boards.

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