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Prayer Request for my dad – skynes


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I'd like to ask for prayer for my dad, he's not a Christian and I'd like him to get saved.

More specifically is that he's ALWAYS rubbing me the wrong way, always getting on my nerves. I have a major hate problem when it comes to him, recently he's been exploding over stupid things like a toaster not working or the gas cooker not cooking right. I'm having a hard time keeping my cool.

My dad's name is John.

If any of you are in other sites, prayer groups or whatever could you please ask them to pray for him too? I want to get as MANY Christians praying for him as possible whether they know him or me or not.

Thanks for your help



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i'm sorry to hear that he's not saved, and i'm sure if he was things would go a lot smoother, and he wouldn't have to worry about facing GOD's judgement. i'm sorry i haven't read this, didn't even notice it until now, kinda bothers me that someone asked for prayer and only 2 views on it until i viewed it. bothers me that i didn't notice it too, sorry for that. anywho, i'll be sure to mention him in my prayers, and you. because i'm sure it's hard to be a light and fight those anger issues at the same time, keep the good fight going.

proverbs 17:28
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I can understand where you're coming from. My dad went through a phase like that, but he (and I) eventually grew out of it. Keep your chin up, and respect him while he's going through whatever it is, and he'll remember well all your efforts. Cheers mate!


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Yeh sure mate, when there is two or more in agreement it's powerful. Just keep claiming the scripture "as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord".


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