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Life has been a little hectic the last year, and I thought ask for prayer. Here's the situation:

Last summer I was laid off, which I was happy about.. I got a good severance package (10 wks pay) and time to look at starting my own business (which I ended up not doing because of too many technical issues coupled w/ a lack of cash). Since November, I've been actively looking for work, and last January took the GRE and applied for graduate school in Computer Science (hoping to pursue a PhD in natural language processing). I did well on the GRE, and even got a prof at the school to write a recommendation for me.

Most recently, it looks like I may have a month long contract (with at least 45 minute commute both ways) to at least bring in some cash. In terms of being accepted to graduate school, it looks like I'm in the 2nd priority queue (I made the deadline by one day). An added complexity is that we are expecting our second child and it will most likely be a C-section (because we had to have one for our first child).. and that is expensive (esp. with no insurance that covers it.. if I were a grad student this Fall, that wouldn't be an issue, btw). Plus I'm trying to work on improving my relationship with my mother, which has been strained over the last year.

Anyways, I'd appreciate your prayers for this sitation. A lot of stuff going on, I've been feeling like I'm caught in a vise, and have been getting pretty discouraged (for at least 3 interviews, I've heard: we were impressed with your qualifications, will keep your resume on file, but we found a more qualified candidate for this position). My wife, Linnea, has been feeling the same way too.

Prayers for a better situation are nice, but prayers for contentment, wisdom, peace, and growth would be nicer :-)

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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Torial, I can say that I've been in a very similar situation to you, and I will send some prayers up for you no prob. Hang in there! I got retrenched, and thought I'd go into 3D modelling and animation, but doors kept getting closed, and eventually I felt redirected towards writing/journalism, and the doors have been opening like crazy. In fact, 5 minutes ago, I was just asked by a publisher to write another book, literally just before I looked at your message. Hope this provides you some encouragement, and I earnestly pray that you will find your way through.