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sometimes i wonder about myself. it seems like sometimes i have this huge desire to get married, then i think about things and i have the exact opposite feeling. the work, the responsibility, the arguing. i think my main problem is simply my emotions towards women in that way are still a little messed up. i want a wife who wants to be loved by me, who wants someone who will be there when no one else is, and all i want her to be is loving and faithful to me. i don't know if this makes sense or not, but i need something in my life to help me relax. i mean, all i ever seem to do is stress about thing, keep in my own little world. i don't know, i just want that relationship with a woman that only GOD can give, i need a woman who really loves GOD. she aint gotta be perfect, cause i'm far from it, but she has to love GOD. anywho, y'all pray for me, and i'll be prayin' for y'all. btw...i love the drooling smiley face icon.