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i just figured i'd post a little testimony in hopes that it might help somebody. first here's a link to my little crappy geocities site, but i mainly just have it to hold my poems, anyways it ...ok. it started off with me and my cousin going to the barn, which is where a lot of people get together and play bluegrass every friday. well i got a feeling like i just wanted to go riding around and talking to my cousin andrew. well we were at a parking lot talking when andrew's brother hollered at us. we met a couple of girls who were twins. andrew ended up going out with one of them. well eventually she started playing games and started going out with my other cousin. then after a long time they ended up breaking up for good, and i eventually ended up going out with her, and getting engaged to her. well she done me more wrong than she ever done them, half of this being my fault cause i chose to let it go on. well one night i was crying and talking to GOD and asking HIM to give me a sign that i couldn't argue with if she wasn't mine, because i needed something like that because i was weak. well she ended up married, she lives in another state incase you were wondering how that could happen without me knowing something was up. for like maybe the first few days i was hurt, but then GOD took away the pain. now i have no ill feelings towards her and i hope her and her husband end up getting right with GOD(they both claim to be athiest). she knew GOD at one point, i really hope that there is hope for her. anyways, what i want to get out is that even if it seems like the person your with is the one, and all that, you must understand that GOD's plan is far greater than we can understand, and HIS ways are far above our's. well i hope this helps somebody. by the way, i could use a lot of prayer because there's a certain thing i'm failing GOD on constantly and i can't see a way out of it. later and GOD bless.


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Mate, looks like your prayers were answered which is great. As to the problem that you're having a hard time breaking, when you admit that you can't see a way out, you are actually in a good spot believe it or not. Now is your chance to put it all on God and let him work some magic for you. One thing that may help, is to take a break from the normal things that you do, that pull you into a place where you will be lead to sin, and spend that extra time you save, on a Godly pursuit. Let me know how you go, ok?