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i'd like to thank GOD for showing me mercy, especially after i turned my back on him for around 2 years. i'd say everything i have to be thankful for but there'll never be enough time to do that. i got a friend that could use prayer, he might have to be moving out of his house soon, he's only 17. i might be moving out soon, or going to college, i don't know which GOD is going to have me to do. my church's youth group is starting to do a tuesday night service at a local nursing home every other week, remember those people at the nursing home(they have it rough in a way). remember our youth group and the preachers, that GOD will bless us with a love to give them and show them, and that we'll be obedient enough to do it. it seems like it's been a really long time since my head's been on strait, bout the only time i feel good is in GOD's house, but that's all good! anyways, thanks for the time, and please remember the request, and always remember the ones without CHRIST, they need the most prayer! GOD bless y'all.