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I've recently been told that I would be given something new to do with my life. Then lost Home and Job together. I started looking into combating what's happening in secular video games by making christian ones.
Well now I've met 3 individuals online, 2 during beta testing a PS2 game that I almost threw away for witchcraft content. The other, a friend of one of them & now were heading into Christian Playstation 2 Game Development & every time I get overwhelmingly blessed, Satan targets my mind with every kind of filthy thought imaginable & tries wrecking these great days. Well God has been seeing me thru and continuing the flow of blessings, but I do want to request prayer for the gaurding of my mind & my eyes when my mind acts like an idiot. Thanks everybody, I'm very grateful for running across this site. God Bless!

Lord that you would bless me indeed
expand my territory
keep your hand with me and keep evil far from me
that I may do no harm.


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Merry Christmas and hope everything goes well for you, I prayed about what you said. Hope to see more details about what happened and about your game.



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The Bible says we are drawn away by our own lusts and enticed. If you find something is a problem to you, the answer is simply not to dwell on it, and to be careful not to put yourself into a situation where you can. The best tool to help you is prayer in the Spirit ( tongues ), whereby you can build yourself up when you find you're allowing yourself to stray into areas you know you should not. As I said, the other thing is simply to not give yourself opportunity to move into areas you should not, just close the avenues and stay well away from things that are inappropriate.

I'd say good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it - if you stand on the promises of God, you cannot fail.