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Hey thanks for the support, i was doing good but my friend shot himself in the head, so he's no more


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how are you doing now?
do you have a real life support network?
do you have mature christians who can listen to you and grieve with you?
if wanna ask for help, i'm sure some people here would 1) give an ear to you. pray for and with you. 2) try to locate very good professional christian crisis counselling in your area or such sort of thing..

DO you have many close christian friends?
life is quite hard, and tragic things like this make it much much harder, but walking alone makes it much harder..

May Christ's peace that does indeed trancend all understanding be with you.. May you know the kind of comfort that only the Holy Spirit can give.. May you experience God's love and grace in a huge way, and may Christ's love be manifested to your life through people also

i feel for you brother, i do..


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People and there exsevi thinking that they should take God's place. No one has the right to take life, not even their own. It's sad when someone fails to keep fighting. Taking your own life is just another way of running from your probs. Sad to say that kind of running just leads right to hell and then there is nowhere to run and things will never be good again.

You have to keep hope mate. The whole world could be burning down around you but God can make you walk through the fire and not get a sigle burn. You have to trust Him and dig into His word. I would suggest having a long talk with a Christian preacher or hanging around here maybe. These guys can deffinitly help you in your walk.

Still its heard to be of much support when the full problem isnt adressed. I dont think girl friends are your only prob. You probably have many more deeper herts that need to be adressed. In the end only one person can truly help you and thats God. Its up to you what your going to do though. I hope you make the right choices mate.




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As bad as everything sounds, it will get better. Don't let the devil get a foot-hold in your life. Trust in God, and he will turn all situations round for good.

It's a shame about your friend committing suicide. I've been there. I've also contiplated suicide myself, until someone said to me, Suicide is a permanant fix to a temporary problem... meaning that the problem is only temporary even though it may not seem like it.

If you ever need to talk about things, thats what we are here for!

Take it easy!



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I hope you have taken the words of everyone here to heart. I'm glad you came here to ask for help. Sometimes reaching out is the hardest thing to do, but by doing so it shows that you have some degree of hope. Jesus is that hope; he is always with you. Even when you can't seem to find him Jesus knows where you are. You are in my prayers.

Blessings Forever,