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what you think?

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What is this, the island of Dr. Moreau?

Love in Christ

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that's just wrong.

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Prayer is both cheaper and less scary. :0)


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I don't see a problem with it really. Other than the "ick" factor, that is. They already use pig parts in humans (my wife's uncle recently had a valve replacement that came from a pig), what's wrong with making them more compatible?




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Messing with genetics is always a messy business - although the genome project gave us the DNA code, we've yet to know what everything does. I hope the people doing this know what they're doing . . .

Making organs tolerable to the human immune system? We have a hard enough time finding matches within our own species; makes me wonder . . .



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It sounds kinda wierd.
But I would be careful to say something is wrong or bad if it is not clearly stated in the Bible.
We should not make Man's statutes God's Laws.

If some can prove to me that is wrong. I will go against it.
If not, whatever.

Genetics is risky, but hey, most stuff is.


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Well the bible does list many animals that are unclean, pigs is one of them.

I've found personally if you stick to not eating unclean animals, when they turn out to be a surprise ingredient in something it makes your body sick for quite awhile.

Your best to not let any part of them into any part of you.
Jesus said we are no longer bound to the old laws, but he never said God made those animals any differently than before, there still unclean.

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