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Here is my latest work

By Brenton R. Keegan

Oh Thy omnipotent will
Nothing can resist
All things must fulfill
What Thy will insists

Hear thy voice resounding
And the void must comply
and its retort rebounding
and heed to its imply

Recieve thy song residing
My heart must concur
to Thy will abiding
Alas, I am Yours

Victory Infinitum

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hehe, i can never understand poems. I think it's really good, and looks and sounds professional, by that i mean, i don't understand most of it so it must be professional!!

I should have tried harder at English when i was at school

Nice work though, do you do it as a profession?



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Disclaimer, I know less than D-Sipl about poetry, but offer this suggestion. It may be off-base if I misunderstood the line, so filter my response as necessary. -Tim

Originally posted by InsanePoet:
Here is my latest work

Thy voice resounding
The voice must comply

If the second sentence is referring to "us", then I would suggest:
"the heart must comply" or
"the synapses must comply" or

Called by God. The passioned plea of a father. The journey awaits at Jarod Journey's.



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There were some typos, i corrected them

Victory Infinitum

c h i e f y


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 crazy skies are wild above me now

winter howling at my face

everything I held so dear - disappeared without a trace

I've been talking drunken gibberish, falling in and OUT of bars......

tryin' to get some explanation here, fathom the way some people ARE

how did it ever come so FAR?