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An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – TallBill



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When I realized this morning that I had made a post with a bad link to part of my site, I tried to get back here to find the post and correct the link (which I have since accomplished).

I had to go through a Google search page to get to the site and be able to use the forums at all. When I tried to directly access the site (both by using bookmarks and by typing in the address) I got a site not found error—in two different browsers. When I went through the Google search page, I was able to find and access the forums.

Are there any problems happening here?

Never Forget to Pray!

"...prayer itself is an art which only the Holy Ghost can teach us. He is the giver of all prayer. Pray for prayer---pray till you can pray; pray to be helped to pray, and give not up praying because you cannot pray, for it is when you think you cannot pray that you are most praying. Sometimes when you have no sort of comfort in your supplications, it is then that your heart---all broken and cast down---is really wrestling and truly prevailing with the Most High."
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, from the pamphlet, "Effective Prayer"



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A little earlier I discovered that Opera(8.4) could no longer access the forum. I tried it with Firefox and it worked.

A few minutes ago I noticed that Opera is now loading the site, though.

Maintenance, maybe?