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hey i just came up with this idea for the ccn main page,what if ther was a bar which is has a height of about this text and width of the entire page and is located right below the page header which says Christian Coders, and this bar will hold a text which could be any proverb,famous quotes, verses from the bible,etc.... and this verse would be randomly different every time a person opens the main page or even possibly all pages.

what do you think???

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not bad idea. I'd suggest it'd be on the main page only, and on the bottom of the Article Additions sections (and as wide as it too) with a slightly smaller text than this one, along with having the CCN teal color.

oh, and change Christian Coders to ArchAngel's Coders. that'd be pretty sweet.

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First CCN, and then the world eh Arch? Or at least upper North America I suppose, if you wanted to start more modestly.


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ArchAngel's Coders sounds good to me. How soon will this be changed?


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Putting scripture on the site is a great idea! Especially proverbs. Good idea.