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Why was whatever these forums are run by chosen over whatever other forum software is available? Why not the ever popular phpbb? just curious because these forums dont really show when someone posted by lighting up the image to the left of the thread.

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because PHPBB wasn't yet born when this forum started, and this was one of a few commercial forums around that was any good by the standards of the day. sadly enuf

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I still think the forum is good.

I don't have any problems with it the way it is. except for some of the internal server errors I get whenever I try to send a PM. haha.

that post was really cool ^
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This site looks exactly the same as it was when i left it 3 or 4 years ago. I was expecting to either find this site looked completely different, or even non-existant. Instead I come back to see it just how I left it and even with some of the same folks around.


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Opps, that was me :-p

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Yeah, we gotta hand it to ourselves, at least we're consistent


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