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forums only why? – spade89



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hi,i just joined ccn and so far it's been the site i always been looking for, i am also a member of and their website is much easier and friendlier to jump from page to page.and why is this site forums only why can't it have programming,graphic-designing,webbing challenges?

the challenges on hts helped me out a lot in advancing my skills on webbing,and hacking .it would be a pretty nice thing to be able to advance your computing skills and serve the lord all in the same site?

a real programmer can write assembly code in any language


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Hi Spade89, welcome to the boards.

We've had similar events on this site, we had 2 game competitions, and we also had 1 month and 2 month game event, where we took a month of two to create a game.

But we've never had "challenges" here, which I think sound like an interesting idea and looking at the site where you go to, I think it's something that we can implement into this site.

I think you could do 3 things to make it happen here, you can take it to the mods, or you can do something yourself about it, and either start a thread or even an article (more people will see it), and just list various challenges you would like to see


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