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Hey, to all the Admins here. Just a heads up I do not mean to be rude or offensive sounding with anything that I say. It is all just a theoretical idea, lol.

Anyway all of the problems this site has been having lately started me thinking... What if CCN was updated... I mean completely re-done. You could have the MAIN page, the one where "" takes you to could be a normal webpage with updates on any/all game conferences or updates from several companies that are represented here on this forum... for one "Arc-Angel Entertainment" once we get going more and more that is. And it also could have a different tab for all of the companies that can 'register' for it... like Soterion Studios, and AAE, and so on and so forth... this would require we keep you guys up to date on how things are being produced and everything, lol... of course with some secrecy on details. And then it could have a tab to go to the forum, and everything. The actual forum could be updated to look like an actual forum, with a sleek cool design. Of course keeping the CCN logo, lol.

-A nice, appealing look to newcomers
-Shows progress of some MAJOR projects
-EASIER to announce things
-Gets rid of all the 'not so Christian' people on CCN

-Have to start over on the forum
-Could turn away some of the old people, and non-developer people
-Ummm... might make it harder to keep clean and moderated, which could lead to possible new moderators

But yeah... something I was thinking about, lol... so sorry if it came strong or whatever, lol.




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Thanks for your suggestions, couple of ideas have been thrown around and such. I'd like to hear peoples views on this one.


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I'm not sure if we need a main page for that.
you can always draw a compromise and just add a new page (or box on the main page) to this format for the company idea.

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It's always hard embracing change. I've been here a while and realise that thinks have to progress but will also find it hard embracing the change.

I am glad that things are in the capable hands of Mack and Klumsy. I think this site can really grow and change in a great way.

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i personally think change would be great, as long as it isn't too drastic. we should keep some of the stuff, like the showcase/articles/code database and such. i like how it has a main page here, and it also has the forum area. i think we should keep that. i like some of G4C's ideas, i don't think we should totally redo it, unless we can keep all our topics/showcase entries and stuff. if that's possible, then i would be all for a total redo of the site.


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Some times change is hard. I know this as well as anybody. But some times change is the only way to move forward. And I think we should keep the code database/articles/ and the other stuff like that. I like how the site is set-up, I just think that there are things that could be done to make it a better environment to everyone, and encourage others to join the ever-growing community of Christian developers.