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Poll? – warsong

Will this site ever have a poll opion?

Why not put the news in the general forum so that people can talk about it? I never go to the main page and I always load the general forum first.

Also does this site have any other future plans?



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i believe this site is getting basically remade sometime around january. there was a thread about it a few weeks back... said the overhaul was a few months away. hope that helps. (cant remember where it was and i don't have time to find it. srry :P)

yah. i should think of something funny, amusing, or wise....
not right now. too taxing on my feeble and exhausted mind.



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Yeh check Krylars post on the new updates, it should be in the announcement section


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That's a good idea... yah I hardly ever go to the main menu except when I first come here to see if anyone has replied to the topics I just posted in recently... When you say poll option do you mean the option to start polls just like threads? That would be cool too... I don't know of any other future plans... Nice to agree with you for once warsong LOL!!

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