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Christian Game Developer Seeks Help – T_Owens


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I am an aspiring Christian Screenplay writer for games. I would like to help take a stand in winning over violent video games that Satan has used to deceive many young children and teens today. I already have screenplays completed and four sequels done. I would like to know how I may go about getting it produced into gaming format. I would really like for God's work to be spread, rather than to see another soul deceived by Satan's work. Anyone with any help or commments please contact me through email at I really could use some assistance in making my scripts come to life and be seen by those who are deceived. Thank you for your time and consideration and may God bless you all.

God Bless!!


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Do you have links to information about these screenplays and sequels? (If there are quite a few then there must be some information about them on the internet.) Any information you give about them more than just a mention will make your idea more plausible to others.

Also, in future, I recommend not to post the same topic in more than one section of the same site, as this doesn't often go down well with the community, whichever site you go to! Especially since on this site all the latest threads come up on the front page. Not only does it use up more space on the listing, but it makes it very difficult for people to keep track of replies. So next time, just post once.

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Welcome guys! It's always good to see new posters!




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Originally posted by T_Owens:
I would like to know how I may go about getting it produced into gaming format. I would really like for God's work to be spread,

Wow, that is awesome. But I'm clueless how you make that leap unless you do an interactive drama type game. What you may want to do is start reading about how to design games, maybe that will help you learn how to make the leap. An interesting book I'm digging into is "Game Design Workship - Designing, Prototyping, and playtesting games" by Fullerton, Swain and Hoffman.

No matter, I encourage you to do God's will!

God bless,

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Sent you an email - let me know here if you have not recieved it.