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CCN articles not showing up on main page – imsold4christ



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I don't know if the problem is on my end or what, but I have been noticing it for the past couple of days or week or so. You know how when you first load the site, you're on the main page, and you can scroll down and there are a bunch of articles you can choose to read. Well, most of them seem to be missing. In fact, only two will show up. They're the Christian articles by Revelator that link to an external site. Nothing else shows up. What's going on here? Has anyone else noticed this problem?


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Yeah, i have the same thing

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I just noticed this now as well, even after reloading the page several times, it remains like that.


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Article file got corrupted somehow. I just re-uploaded a backup. Seems to be working now.

Sorry about that!