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Secure Passwords – madprof


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Heya Krylar, Others, etc,

I'm back! Wahoo! (in other words, I found the "lost password?" button)
Soo... before I go and make a fool of myself by attempting to answer some horribly complicated question about some difficult subject...


Any chance you could change the password system on the board so that the database stores crypt() or md5sums of users passwords, rather than the actual passwords themselves? It means that if you lose your password you need to be sent a newly generated one, but its more secure, and many places use this system that these days.

Anyway, just an idea..


PS - I decided not to make a fool of myself by attempting to answer horribly complicated questions.

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there was the case with Lost Reflections a few months back ON HERE where somebody used his password to go back deleting all his posts, remember ?

well, that's what he alleges anyway, the posts certainly were deleted that is fact

apart from that, I have NEVER HEARD a hint of anyone gaining access to a member's password via the board, is this truly necessary prof ?

here prof....
what do you think of MY encryption effort ? it's my second BB effort and just at the mo' I'm on my third


see my SHOWCASE entry - 1MB zip file - chiefy QUIZ.exe

from your old mate
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