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It would be nice to be abile to diside if you want you profile shown or not. I know I would have mine shown so people would know who I am.

I was also wandering how meny people would be willing to put all there talents into a game. We have 80 something people as registered memmbers here.

Im only 20 years old and im into alot of art things. One thing that has bugged me the most is that when I go looking for a Christian game all that I can get is a resite your Bible vers game Its sad to me. Even when I go to find a poster or T-Shirt it has to be just plain text almost. I got a game on the old Nintendo it looked to be a role playing game with some intersting ideas. When I played it I couldnt get my player any better, all that I could do was collect Fruts of the Spirt to throw at bad guys. It was a good game in its own sens but it lacked practicly everything it needed for a RPG or even an Adventur game.

If there could be some written form of agreement that could be posted. That if you joind the groop that all your work would be reconized in the credits. This game could be an RPG containing mini-games in it and be posted as freeware. Even if the person was looking to make $ by helping he/she would have something to show that they are a team player and can do grate work. The game disine could have base roles such as no cussing in the story line.

Just some ideas to throw at ya people.



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Hiya, Angel.

There are a number of these projects going on right now actually! And there are a number of Christian-based titles that are being developed that aren't "guess the Bible verse" styled.

If you list a "show all topics" from the main CCN screen you'll see a few of these games listed under "Special". Also, check out these topics:

That's a few anyways






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I just sent you an e-mail