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I've posted a few things to the discussion going on about a conference, and I've been reading some of the discussion on it. One of the biggest thoughts I've had on the whole matter is that there's alot we could do, when the community gets larger. I'm not exactly sure how large this community is (maybe someone could give me a rough idea?), but I get the impression it's not all that large.

I'm thinking something along a recruitment campaign for this purpose, though not a crusade of any sorts. I was thinking it'd be cool if when you signed up, there was also a field that you could put in who told you about the community. Then if the new member turns out to be an active member (5+ posts, 10?) the recruiter would get a Recruiting Point.

There would be NO reward system for recruiters, since we should be doing it outta love for the community, but it might be nice to have a Top 10 recruiters list, or maybe a Top 10 in the past month list. Or maybe someone who does alot of recruiting would get a second rank like Star Recruiter in addition to their membership rank. Dunno, these are all just thoughts.

Something that we should avoid, in my opinion, is making it so that the recruiter field can automatically be filled in. ex: This should cut down on alot of opportunity for spamming.

I'd definately like feed back on this, especially if it's negative. It's an idea I like, but I haven't much experience in the way of it. I don't know if it'll really benefit our community, or just cause alot of unneeded trouble.

Thanks for your time and thoughts in advance,
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So kinda like a reserved parking space for the employee of the month? That'd be kinda cool. You'd get a special icon in next to your name in your posts for bringing in the most folks or a list entry. And each month, the person who has the most gets on the hall of fame.

Interesting concept




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not a bad idea