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Make sure you update your profiles gang! This will allow folks to see your ICQ number in your posts (if you so desire), and it will allow you to do cool stuff with your Signatures!
Now, let me talk about graphical signatures. To add a graphic to your signature:

1) Make sure the graphics isn't too big (in size or pixels) please. 175x30 or something should be okay...but smaller is better as it will decrease the page load times.

2) Also, please use non-animated GIFs. Animated GIF signatures, unless REALLY mild animation will be removed from your profile. Sorry to be a stickler on this, but tons of animation on a page that people are trying to read can be really annoying

3) While you *can* host the image on your site, I'd appreciate it if you instead allowed the CCN to host it. This is for speed reasons. If you're using Geocities or equivelent, please just email your graphic and it'll get hooked up ASAP.

4) After you're all set with the graphic, simply go into your profile and go to the signature section. Click on the UBB Code and scroll down to see how to include an image. CCN will do this part for you if you submit your image.

That's it!

Again, please consider allowing the CCN to host your signature image so it loads as quickly as possible.

Post here if you have any questions about this feature.