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Game Development Competition
Anyone know about this one? I saw a link to it from Great Games Experiment:

Game Development Competition. The Game Devlopment Competiton has started for the first time, we are proud to anounce that all game development creation tools are allowed to be used including the popular Game Maker. Prizes have been announced and can be viewed at the forum.

So what are you waiting for? Start developing your game now and enter one of the many categories for your chance to win fame and recognition!

Contest theme is Comedy and it started in July but doesn't end until September 18th.

The contest theme is comedy, so developers are encouraged to incorporate comedic elements into their game in which ever way they wish. The contest site is up and running with forums which contain all of the necessary contest info such as rules and guidelines. One of the guidelines for the competition is that all games must be uploaded to the Great Games Experiment, so be sure to check GGE for new games that are part of the competition.

Entrants will submit their entry and at the end of the deadline 10 finalists (Chosen by a group of judges) from each category will go into a public vote to determine the category winner. Then, the winners are put in for one final round of voting to determine the grand prize winner. The overall winner will be awarded the complete Torque Suite (TGB, TGE TGEA), and winners of each category will receive the Torque Game Engine. We hope many people will enter and are looking forward to seeing the great games that are produced.

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Looks like something I would definetly want to get involved in, but I would think that after all this time i would be WAY behind. I'm not that funny, so I'm not sure what would be considered comedy.

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How do you guys manage to find these sites?! @_@




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Originally posted by arissa_nightblade:
How do you guys manage to find these sites?! @_@

I first heard of this one by reading Garage Games news, where they posted an announcement about it.