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Mono Coders Hack Linux Silverlight in 21 Days – CPUFreak91



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Etrigoth writes "After the recent announcement of Silverlight by Microsoft at their Mix event in Vegas, Miguel de Icaza galvanised his team of developers in the Mono group at Novell to create a Linux implementation, a so-called 'Moonlight'. Remarkably, they achieved this in 21 Days. Although they were first introduced to Silverlight at the Las Vegas Mix, de Icaza was invited by a representative of Microsoft France for a 10 minute demonstration at the Paris Re-Mix 07 keynote conference, should they have anything to show. Joshua, a blogger for Microsoft has confirmed that the Mono team did not know anything about Silverlight 1.1 before its launch. Other members of this team have blogged about this incredible achievement, Moonlight hack-a-thon. It's worth noting from a developer perspective that Moonlight is not Mono and doesn't require Mono to work"


Man.... all my Kudos for 1 week go out to these guys.

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Wow. This was really incredible to read through. If you haven't already, I recommend checking out Miguel's Moonlight's Sample Screencast on YouTube -- it's extremely cool.


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yep, it really just shows the agility of a platform like dotnet that this can be pulled off so easily.

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I wonder how long it took Microsoft to pull off...