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Effective immediately. Please consider this my formal announcement of resigning from my role on CCN. Mack, HanClinto, whoever has the ability to do so, please lock my account as soon as possible. I have no intent to come back to see responses, but I would like my account suspended anyway.

In light of recent events and discussions, I can no longer remain here. There seem to be strong lines drawn over the recent hot topic of what is and isn't disrespectful of women, but I can't associate myself with those I find disrespectful of women. Consider these my last words.

Arch - I wonder if you would hold the stance you do if you realized how much words like yours have hurt girls that I have known out here in the real world. You might reason that such girls are too sensitive, but even if they are, does that make it ok for you to hurt them? No, it really doesn't. Specifically speaking of your words, however, you have truly hurt Moira. In spite of being shown how your words are viewed as disrespectful, you show no interest in changing. Rather, you enjoy doing what you do. In that, I'm jealous of you. I wish I were able to sleep well at night with full knowledge that I enjoy being a jerk just for the sake of being a jerk ("I'll continue to joke about picking up chicks, putting women in their place and skirt chasing.... it insults those who are centered around that. I'm mocking them."). Another thing, you have made me look bad. I worked hard to get Moira to come to this forum because I thought that she would feel respected and could learn some things to help her in her programming. Instead, she felt severely disrespected. Effectively, you have hurt my image as well. By the way, of course I was happy when she joined; I probably spent a solid month of trying to get her to join. Look what that ended up doing.

Sam - The way you seem to put the fault on women for picking up something as being disrespectful bothers me a lot. At what point is something a judgment call wherein it is the woman's fault for determining something to disrespectful. Specifically, in this case, Arch gave little indication of respect prior to the onset of these discussions. All of the comments made were about "doing it for the chicks" and stuff about "hot chicks." When that is the only portrayal one offers, how is it unreasonable to assume that such is one's main drive? Aside from that, your list of why a woman would have a negative reaction to a guy talking about hotness was truthfully hurtful. Which is a shame, because I think we did agree on a lot of the other things. Still, I have to call to light how it is you truly hurt Moira.

Lava - You said that I was doing the same thing as I thought Arch had been (judging based on appearance), but that doesn't apply here. The conclusion I drew was based entirely on what he had shown me of his character. Disapproving of what is thought to be the case given the known evidence is not the same as seemingly being caught up only in physical looks and speaking only of such things.

CPU - You're probably going to want to scrap that interview. Sorry about that.

To everyone else, a lot of you have had my highest respect. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with many of you as well. You've been helpful in my coding. I mean no ill towards you. That being said, I can't be around those that hurt others I care about. Out in the un-Christian "real-world" that may be expected, but I guess it was too much to expect full respect of women on this board just because it's a Christian board.

You can respond if you feel I've hurt your honor somehow. I won't be coming back; not even to see what response is had. My reputation has been hurt. Someone I care for has been personally hurt. I can't sit back and let that go. I've tried not to blast everyone full force, but I fear that I have done so anyway. No. If I can't blast those who insult and hurt, then I can at least make sure that I'm not counted among them.

With as much respect as I can muster,

Xian Lee

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I knew this was going to be a bad week...



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Don't close your account, just take a break and come back later.


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I could pick a few scriptual bones, but it seems kinda pointless now.

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Ah well, I tried my best to derail that topic to something more substantial or even pick a fight with any existing liberals or theistic-evolution types, but it went nowhere. Yes I agree the topic was yet another one for the anals of history. Anyhoot, fare thee well and in case you have that log link of mine (to the CF forums) for that game I知 developing, do check it now and then for the redirection link to the permanent site when I have that up, it値l have forums as well but I知 pretty heavy handed in regards to what can and cannot be discussed (which can be a good thing). Hope to see you there, and if not I知 sure we値l meet up pretty soon seeing the time for this world is short now.


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Your account won't be deleted but this thread will be locked.