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I'm taking a class at college, so I was playing around and started making this game Alphabet Wars. I hope to make it P2P multiplayer when I can. Right now its just single player.

To move use the arrow keys: UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT

To kill your foe, you have to fire at him with the same letter that he is.

He'll try to kill you by hitting you with your letter.

Anyway, you'll see! I think it will be much more fun a lot of people are running around firing at each other!

Let me know what you think and have fun!

oh yeah, since it's .net, you need the .net framework on your system. But if you can run HansClinto's MITE then this should work too!

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dang! mac won't run .exes!

Macs: Just say NO

(yes, i know im stupid)
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haha, nice game! definantly a "boredom buster" lol


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