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I'm happy to announce that Mack has accepted joining on as co-admin for the site. Mack's been with the community for nearly as long as there's been a community! I'm sure he'll do as great a job as he's done being a moderator.

If you frequent the BlitzCoder site at all, you'll note that I decided to step-down completely as admin there so I can focus on family more, and also on coding and writing again. That site has been hosted by another company for about a year now, so I'm just transferring it completely.

This site, though, is still hosted by me so I still have the typical maintenance work to do and all that. As opposed to shutting this site down though, I thought first to ask if Mack would be willing to help. Fortunately, he said "yes"!

Please give him a pat on the back for taking this slot, and help support him while he's admining!




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things have kind of "changed" since you started these sites Krylar

You have "seen it ALL" in the 3+ years that the sites span and the members on Blitzcoder, certainly, have gone beyond all recognition in that time

3 years and a new universe

well you know we are all sad to see a new admin, but the family does (or should) come first, THAT is certainly true

we should have a book printed of all the legendary threads on here and Blitzcoder, it would make awesome reading!!

anyway - mack !! you have my full support - what are your orders Captain??

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Whats an admin anyways? This is the only message board ive ever really been on. I never botherd to ask because I thought an admin stayed and never changed. Oh well luarn something new every day


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Thanks for the re-welcome guys, John is really a visionary in being one of the first people to start a community. I'm happy that he made the choice of family and even more happy that he didn't shut down CCN! As he mentioned he'll be still doing the maintence of the site and probably stopping by now and then. I'll be handeling user accounts, enforcing the guidelines to using the fourms, things I did as a Mod. and probably some other stuff as well.

Originally posted by c h i e f y:
what are your orders Captain??

Make more topics, talk and have fun!

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the best of luck(doesn't exist.. but you know) to Krylar and Mack.
and, congrads Mack on the promotion. lol




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Yeh nice one Mack. And thanks to Krylar for all you hard work, keeping this community ticking over!


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