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Well, I have been wonderfully provided with a copy of Visual Studio and I want to use it. Now I also have had a book on VBScript. Coincidently I found myself using vbscripts to automate tasks at my job, buti don't believe in coincidences.

Programming is a skill i can fumble around with but nothing I would be comfortable advertising to potential employers. I want to change this. I want to establish programming as a skill that I can comfortably put on my resume.

I like projects that are relevent so doing so it's not easy for me to do "excersizes" but rather I learn through doing in a practical way. Basically I would like ideas for network programming that could be immediately or otherwise useful to my job (which is being the IT guy at a small government office)

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you should work on some P2P content management software for me

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What type of tools may be helpful to have on your desktop computer? Do you ever go to a server to check out any data or anything? What type of application(s) may save you that walk?

First, you should look at creating a client/server using .NET Remoting. This will give you a framework for writing a client application which can attach to each server you have.

Maybe make some type of monitoring app for your servers. High/Low CPU % during a time period. Number of processes currently running. Number of processes running over a time period. # of users logged in to server.

That's just a few ideas, but choose whatever type of data may be helpful to you. I'm not quite sure what classes you will need to use, but check out the Diagnostics namespace. It contains some stuff pertaining to Processes and counters, but may not contain enough of what you need.

Also check out WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). This is a way for admins to remotely monitor their computers (check on devices, services, apps, etc.). You can make all the calls in code so you can write your own front end to WMI. Originally written for C/C++, there is now a .NET version.

Do you keep track of any data in Excel? Computer serial numbers? Which employee has what computer, mouse, monitor, etc.? You can write a database and client application to maintain all of this information for you.

I recommend starting with that above link to remoting. Remoting is not a beginner subject for .NET programming, but the link has all the code to get you started with a client/server application. The code is really small and not complicated. Once you read through that tutorial and get their simple little example going, then add some little features to help you expand and understand the big picture. I usually do something like an Add method which takes two integers and returns the added value. From there, look at the Process class and maybe find out how many processes are currently running and pass the value back to the client.

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