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SCI-FI Christian Text Game Host Site Needed – riflefire


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Registered: 08-25-2003
Hey folks,

I am looking for a possible home for a scifi christian friendly text game (M.U.D) that i am developing. Features for the hosting would be:

1) It would need to be LINUX or Windows XP/2003.

2) I would need shell access to put in code changes and compile and do cron jobs and things like that.

3) I would like for you to have PLENTY of upstream/downstream bandwidth. I have 386 UP at home and its not really enough for a big game.

4) Also, I would like to be hosted by someone who can legally run the game on their connection. Reason i say that last is that i want this game and its host to be without connection problems that could lead to lots of downtime and/or the game having to shut down suddenly due to too much bandwidth usage.

5) I would like a Christian to Host this game due its Christian aspects.

I am even willing to pay a bit for the priviledge of hosting this game on your server. However, I am on a fixed income so I cannot afford much.

The game itself is a melding of science fiction features and Christian aspects in a mud text type game format that doesnt contain the common antibiblical features found in modern muds. As the game, at this point in time, is still being developed, i am not sure as to a total picture of its contents. However, i am striving to create a predominately clean and acceptable mud game that is friendly to Christians and open to letting non-Christians in to play too. Its a fine line to walk but its more geared to Christians than Non-Christians. I want fellow Christians to be able to play a text game without worrying if they are in sin by playing the game. Hopefully, as time goes on, this game will achieve that goal an be a good scifi game to play, and also be a witness with the Gospel to those that are Non-Christians.

So if you feel led or would like to help us out with hosting where the players will access the game via a telnet connection, please either reply here or email me at RIFLEFIRE at AOL.COM. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

God Jehovah bless ya,