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Thank God for Slavery – warsong

"Keith Richburg was the Africa bureau chief for the Washington Post, and he writes about his experiences there." "Richburg was the one who was misquoted by the MSM as saying "thank God for slavery" a few years ago." The misquote quote is blunt and says it in other words not so smoothly as the writer.

It is a fast read which some will agree on. Obviously some would dissagree with the author and find negative reasons why he is wrong in other ways. And no this is not saying that the act of slavery is good since I know some will think that, so lets not be negative on that too.



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Wow... Wow... Great read warsong!! I am feeling mixed emotions about this... The thing that kills me is that I am an American and have never (and probably won't ever) seen anything even remotely close to this. I can't really relate. We have it so good in America sometimes... Wow... That was an astounding article... The part about how the people won't be counted or anything like they do here... Wow... It's amazing how deep that is... That guy really worked on that... *shaking head* Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow... Wow...

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