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My boss is sending me from Oz to San Jose/Silicon Valley to attend a conference/press junket. I thought I'd take advantage of some shopping opportunities and also see some of the sights. Can anyone recommend anything to see in that general area, plus identify a good source for PC/notebooks/electronics merchandise? Specifically, I'm after a new notebook/tablet PC, but other tech gear's good too


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I used to live in that area -- any more specifics on the area? You're heading to San Jose itself? If you get up towards San Francisco, that's a great downtown. Fisherman's Wharf is a really cool place to walk around, as well as... oh... what number is it... I think it's Pier 39 (though it's probably a different number) that's really built up and has a bunch of cool shop/touristy things to see.

As far as where to buy a good PC, it seems like it's really easy to find Best Buy's and Fry's (Frey's?) Electronics and CompUSAs or something else like that out there -- were you looking for a better deal than a normal computer/electronics store, or are you just wondering about some stores in that area that have a decently good reputation?

I lived up closer to San Francisco, but went down to San Jose a couple of times to visit a friend. If you're going to be in the city of San Jose and want more specifics from a local, I'll pass your questions on to her. She'd be more than happy to give you specifics.

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whoa.. I live in San Jose.
you're coming to my hometown! ha!

um... cool places... Fry's Electronics is a nice play to go. big ol' store. there's a couple of them scattered around. each store has it's "theme" to it, so one store has a mayan theme, another an eygptian theme, another (well, this one's much more south) has an UFO-crashed-into-store theme...
and the stores that Clinto pointed out. CompUSA (I like this one), Circuit City, Best Buy...
They're just lying aroudn all over the place. I personally like to get comps off the internet instead of a store.. so yeah.

cool sights... um... I dunno. anything around here is normal to me. can run around downtown. San Jose has a nice downtown. New Library is up, won a bunch of new awards. it has all these art things around it. a very different sort of library. it's also on my campus (a joint city-university project)
so that's cool...
um... Tech Museum, downtown, is also cool. used to work there...
there's places like the golden gate bridge.. (San Francisco, about 1-2 hours north of San Jose)

what kind of stuff do you want to see?

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Wow cool, thanks for the info guys!

Those stores look like they'll do, checking them thoroughly now.

I'm there without the wife and kids, so anything of interest, except girlie stuff LOL