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Back from CGDC and fired up – Gift


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Woo hoo, I'm back from CGDC and fired up.

I was really helped by Chris Crawford's sugestion about
concentrating on the processes of Christianity as oposed
to makeing just a Christianized secular game. He also
had great sugestions about makeing interactive Bible study
programs to really augment the teaching of the Word. So,
keep him in your prayers, he is not a Christian.

I was also very excited to see the concept that Remnent was
working on MMORPGs are hot and just going to get hotter they
have developed some exciting technology some of which might
need to be cept under raps so that its not stol by the secular.

There was some great discussions on the business side of things
that I haven't concidered yet. I feel that alot of the discussion
was like a womb where GOD was growing a body.

Tim you did a great job in bringing everything together. Thanks

Love in Christ



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Awesome you had a great time! I wish we could have been able to go to the CGDC this year, but hopefully we'll be able to attend next year. Great job Tim!




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Do you know if the presentations or notes will be put online?


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I'd be happy to link to or house anything from the conference you guys may have (as long as it's not too big of a download ).





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Originally posted by Gift:
keep him in your prayers, he is not a Christian.

He is a God, he doesn't have to be a Christian

Chris is a good guy, his book on game programming in '83 was why I decided to make it my career. Probably the only godfather of video/computer gaming who has never sold out and has always stuck to his guns.



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Here are some pictures that Tim has posted
from the conference. It looks like this
is where the report is going to be:


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Apologies, still trying to recover after the conference.

I'll hopefully have stuff typed up by this weekend to share.

FYI, we have started a yahoo group. After I get conference attendees signed up, I'll work on interested folks. If you are interested, please Email me at with a subject of "invite me to the yahoo group". If you are already on the conference "interested" list, I'll be inviting you hopefully this coming weekend.

The conference was a success at getting us together and starting the community. And it couldn't have been too bad as folks want to come back again next year!


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