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Open source game? – Beltec

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Im new here, but I was just wondering if anyone has had any idea of starting an open source game of some sort with the people on this board? I think it would be a pretty cool idea, if it hasnt already been started of course

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Welcome Beltec! We hope you stay around.

I'm not sure if there has already been an open source game proposed or not. Maybe do a search of the forum.

I do know there are a few groups formed. You can see their groups on the forums but can't see their posts unless you are a member.

If you wanted to do a game, what genre would you want to cover?


Demo of first game is available at Jarod Journey's Web site. Second game is in storyboard stage.



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Welcome to the CCN!

Do you want to build everything from scrach, or use an exsiting engine?