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I was reading some of the really old post and this one, got my attention. Klumsy asked to hear my testimony at the time. He also said to keep up the growing. After reading it I relized something. Ive grown in some places and in others there has been no change.

*No Change Things*
Im still blunt and still seem to always be yelling people out (or so it seems to me). Im still having problems with love. I still dont think Im worth caring about in any way. I still think InsanePoet's idea wasnt that great. Still he got the idea out that giving a testimony was a good idea. Im still stuck in this misrubul town . I still havent finnished working on one game. I still love many diffrent kinds of music (Christian only). I still have ooduls and ooduls of love for God .

*Changed Things*
Ive delt with a lot of my hate for people in my past. That took me a year. I no longer want to rip my mother into peaces slowly. In all truth now I talk to her often. I dont think she has really changed much . Ive actuly given a foot rub recently. Before I would never tuch feet (EVER)! Ive luarned how to spell a little better. I have become very competent with taking care of bills. I have gotten more stricked about what I alow in my house. My wife wanted me to take the role as head of the household and I have. It is a great responibility (Cant spell that word).

I think that I have grown in the right places and I hope that I keep growing. I hope that you all have grown and will continue to as well.




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Yay Angel!

It's always encouraging to hear about Christians growing in their walk. I'd post on this topic myself, but right now I don't have the time to get deep, 'cause I have homework. :P


"True friendship is not characterized by the absence of conflict, but by the ability to resolve conflict."



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Very cool stuff bro!

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This makes me think a little of my own testimony. I was an accident, and my mother believes I was a boy to spite her and allergic to her breast milk because I rejected her at birth. I was astounded to hear her tell me recently that she tried to get some sort of affection from her mother for years and stopped at the end of her teens. Guess what ?

Anyhow, I grew up with no love or physcial contact ( hugs &tc ) and basically thought it was because of me, that I was nothing. My father kicked me out of home when I left his church because they would not believe me that he hit my mother, and kept telling me garbage about how the devil lived in my CD's, while at the same time refusing to answer my sincere questions with more than (essentially ) shut up and do what we say.

The point is that I identify both with the low self esteem, and the hating of ones parents. In my case it was more my father, I was so much like my mother that I never hated her. However, it's my testimony that after 2 years of going to churches, when I finally became a Christian ( i.e. recieved the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues ), all those things were healed in an instant. When I felt the love of God come into me, I knew that made me someone worth loving, because God loved me. And I knew I could not hold hate for anyone else after God had forgiven me and embraced me. Your testimony makes me think of how I tried to overcome those things in the love of the church, where the love of God was spoken of, but not preached. It leaves me wondering if you've recieved the Spirit since you've believed, and if maybe you're struggling in your own strength with something that God can solve for you in a moment.