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I've been wanting to start learning 3d modeling, but I don't know which program to get. I've never done modeling before, so I don't know anything at all about modeling or the modeling programs. Which program do you recommend? I also want to animate my models, so what's your opinion on animators? My price range is below $100(Christmas present), but free programs would be great. I don't know if it matters which language/game engine I use, but I'll probably be using my models with Irrlicht, but possibly Blitz3D.

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For B3d, you models have to be either b3d, .x, or .3ds I think. Anyway, personally I've done Wings3d. As for Animating, I have no idea. I've heard some good things about Milkshape 3d.

BTW, Wings is at (kinda obvious isn't it?)

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hmm... Wings3D for me. it's great for beginners, texturing is pretty easy once you get the hang of it... it's just that it can't animate. I would use Wings for prefabs and the like, then import into Blender to animate and the like.

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Yeah, I'd say Wings3D. You should focus on learning that for six months to a year and then try other applications after that. There are a bunch of tutorials at the Wings3D site, you should go through them all once or twice.
Another good idea would be to pick up any discount book on modelling. Even an old Max 2 book will be a valuable help. From that you will be exposed to many of the basic concepts of modelling in depth. Lots of videos out there too, not for Wings3D but for other modellers, they are all worth watching to grasp basic concepts but not so much in depth. Lots of them at for free.