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Just found this link from Slashdot earlier today. It's about a conference that took place at E3 earlier this year regarding the educational role of video games.

There was an *excellent* opening talk (that's all I watched of what I downloaded), but it was quite riveting. Jennifer and I sat interested the entire time -- We look forward to working through the videos of the interesting ones.

If you have time, I highly recommend it! Cheers!




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Nice! I've attended several of these types of workshops/forums. You can
get some good information on advances in development and technologies.
One of the topics that was mentioned in a video is very similar to what I
am working on for several years now; "Cognitive AI in Games". Universities
and private sectors have been working of this in terms of robotics. My
research has been in the area of virtual characters in an AI gamming
environment. Letís face it, how many times to we keep shooting some monster
is a game and it can't get the hint that: "Hey, this hurts, I'll stop run
now!" Developing some type of *intelligence* for characters, i.e. Monsters
that can learn from the environment that hits home with me! It's an
interesting area to explore if your looking to develop AI.

Anyway, good find!!