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Pray for those of Katrina – Valkyri



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Yall we gotta pray for those that have been affected by Katrina that they come to depend on God and Christ in their time of need that they come back to him. He is calling, he is calling to us all. We have to depend on him. We have to, so let us all pray for them all.

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They have my prayers.
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crud! boy I forgot about them in my praeyrs last nighT!
(beats head on table) *RM says, slightly dazed, that it won't happen again*

(yes, i know im stupid)
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Realmmaster, the Holy Spirit knows what you have forgotten. I always know so much to pray for, but I should sit down everyday for 5 hours. There are so many things to say to God! I believe God will hear those prayers and help the ppl.

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